Nanostructures Physics and technology «19th International symposium»

20.06.11- 25.06.11
Nanostructures Physics and technology «19th International symposium»
The annual International Symposium on Nanostructures is chaired by two Nobel Prize laureates — Professor Zh. Alferov and Professor L. Esaki, and traditionally organized by Ioffe Physical-Technical Institute of RAS and St Petersburg Academic University — Nanotechnology Research and Education Centre of the RAS (St Petersburg Academic University), which are pioneering in many directions of this impetuously developing area. The Symposium was launched in 1993 by its Co-Chairs. It was one of the first in the area, which has become one of the leading in the modern physics and technology. The forthcoming Symposium will be organized together with the Institute of Metal Physics of the Ural Branch of the RAS in Ekaterinburg.

8-я Всероссийская конференция

26.05.11 — 28.05.11
В Санкт-Петербурге, в Физико-Техническом Институте им. А.Ф.Иоффе РАН, состоится 8-я Всероссийская конференция «Нитриды галлия, индия и алюминия: структуры и приборы». Участие Гнатюка Д.Л. со стендовым докладом